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Beef Nouboulo

The beef Nouboulo is another unique meat product made according to the secret recipe of Lavranos family. Beef Nouboulo is similar to the traditional smoked nouboulo, made of high quality beef with spices and herbs from the island of Corfu, filled in intestine and smoked with burning scented twigs of the island such as sage, pennyroyal, gorse, laurel, etc. Nouboulo is served cut into very thin slices and is ideal for salads, pasta and charcuterie varieties. It is considered to be dainty finger food, ideal when served with fresh vegetables and fruits in salads, especially during summer months. Wine lovers will love it as its gentle flavor balances well with red wine.

Features and Suggestions


dark brown – red just like the beef

It is ideally accompanied

By wine Cabernet Sauvignon and also by Corfu Beer Real Ale Special


cut into very thin slices and usually wrapped in salads