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The corfiot smoked nouboulo is a high quality product made according to the secret recipe of Lavranos family. Pork marinated with spices and …

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Beef Nouboulo

The beef Nouboulo is another unique meat product made according to the secret recipe of Lavranos family. Beef Nouboulo is similar to the traditional …

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Corfiot Salado

Traditional local salami, the Corfiot Salado is made ​​of high quality pork and beef marinated with salt and pepper. Corfiot Salado …

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Smoked Pork Steak

The corfiot smoked pork steak is a unique meat product of Lavranos family made of high quality pork gently smoked with burning …

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Smoked Pork

Pieces of pork meat (steak, ham and pancetta) marinated in herbs and spices, smoked with beechwood.

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